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WPS Service For Business and Its Employees

While the UAE’s Wage Protection System (WPS) has been an important part of the country’s labour relations since 2009. Basically, the WPS is an electronic wages transfer system that oversees the payment of workers salaries in the UAE. It ensures that UAE workers are paid the right wages or salaries (based on their employment contracts) and in a timely fashion. By ensuring that UAE companies pay agreed-upon wages in a timely fashion, the WPS ensures that cases of labour and industrial disputes are minimized. The system upholds workers’ rights and ensures transparency in the employer-employee relationship. We are providing WPS OMDA VPAY cards for all employees, that VPAY cards to get your salary on time, and you can withdraw the money at any of our branch location ATMs. Also, we will directly transfer your salary to any UAE local Banks that belongs to your employees within the same day of deposit.


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